The file logical name must be an expression of

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Unformatted text preview: predefined type STRING. The value of this expression is interpreted as a logical name for a file in the host system environment. An implementation must provide some mechanism to associate a file logical name with a host-dependent file. Such a mechanism is not defined by the language. The file logical name identifies an external file in the host file system that is associated with the file object. This association provides a mechanism for either importing data contained in an external file into the design during simulation or exporting data generated during simulation to an external file. If multiple file objects are associated with the same external file, and each file object has an access mode that is read-only (see 3.4.1), then values read from each file object are read from the external file associated with the file object. The language does not define the order in which such values are read from the external file, nor does it define whether each value is read once or multiple times (once per file object). The language does not define the order of and t...
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