The type of a default expression must be that of the

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Unformatted text preview: default expression must be that of the corresponding interface object. It is an error if a default expression appears in an interface declaration and any of the following conditions hold: -- -- -- -- The mode is linkage The interface object is a formal signal parameter The interface object is a formal variable parameter of mode other than in The subtype indication of the interface declaration denotes a protected type In an interface signal declaration appearing in a port list, the default expression defines the default value(s) associated with the interface signal or its subelements. In the absence of a default expression, an implicit default value is assumed for the signal or for each scalar subelement, as defined for signal declarations (see The value, whether implicitly or explicitly provided, is used to determine the initial contents of drivers, if any, of the interface signal as specified for signal declarations. An interface object provides a channel of communication between the environment and a particular portion of a description. The value of a...
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