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The value of a constant cannot be modified after the

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Unformatted text preview: ant cannot be modified after the declaration is elaborated. If the assignment symbol ":=" followed by an expression is not present in a constant declaration, then the declaration declares a deferred constant. Such a constant declaration may only must11 appear in a package declaration. The cor- 58 Copyright 2000, IEEE. All rights reserved. This is an unapproved IEEE Standards Draft, subject to change. Clause 4 LANGUAGE REFERENCE MANUAL IEEE Std P1076a-1999 2000/D3 responding full constant declaration, which defines the value of the constant, must appear in the body of the package (see 2.6). Formal parameters of subprograms that are of mode in may be constants, and local and formal generics are always constants; the declarations of such objects are discussed in 4.3.2. A loop parameter is a constant within the corresponding loop (see 8.9); similarly, a generate parameter is a constant within the corresponding generate statement (see 9.7). A subelement or slice of a constant is a constant. It is an error i...
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