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Aliasdeclaration alias aliasdesignator

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Unformatted text preview: type_indication ] is name [ signature ] ; alias_designator ::= identifier | character_literal | operator_symbol An object alias is an alias whose alias designator denotes an object (that is, a constant, a variable, a signal, or a file). A nonobject alias is an alias whose alias designator denotes some named entity other than an object. An alias can be declared for all named entities except for labels, loop parameters, and generate parameters. The alias designator in an alias declaration denotes the named entity specified by the name and, if present, the signature in the alias declaration. An alias of a signal denotes a signal; an alias of a variable denotes a variable; an alias of a constant denotes a constant; and an alias of a file denotes a file. Similarly, an alias of a subprogram (including an operator) denotes a subprogram, an alias of an enumeration literal denotes an enumeration literal, and so forth. If the alias designator is a character literal, the name must denote an enumeration literal. If the alias designator is an operator symbol, the n...
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