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Unformatted text preview: ); NOTE --All file objects associated with the same external file should be of the same base type. 4.3.2 Interface declarations An interface declaration declares an interface object of a specified type. Interface objects include interface constants that appear as generics of a design entity, a component, or a block, or as constant parameters of subprograms; interface signals that appear as ports of a design entity, component, or block, or as signal parameters of subprograms; interface variables that appear as variable parameters of subprograms; and interface files that appear as file parameters of subprograms. interface_declaration ::= interface_constant_declaration | interface_signal_declaration | interface_variable_declaration | interface_file_declaration interface_constant_declaration ::= [constant] identifier_list : [ in ] subtype_indication [ := static_expression ] interface_signal_declaration ::= [signal] identifier_list : [ mode ] subtype_indication [ bus ] [ := static_expression ] interface_variable_declaration ::= [variable] identifier_list : [ mode ] subtype_indication [ := static_expression ] interface_file_declaration ::= file identifier_list :20 subtype_indication mode ::= in | out | inout | buffer | linkage If no mode is explicitly given in an interface declaration other than an interface file declaration, mode in is assumed. For an interface...
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