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IRSIM(1) USER COMMANDS IRSIM(1) 1 NAME irsim – An event-driven logic-level simulator for MOS circuits SYNOPSIS irsim [-s] prm_file sim_file . .. [+hist_file] [-cmd_file . ..] DESCRIPTION IRSIM is an event-driven logic-level simulator for MOS (both N and P) transistor circuits. Two simulation models are available: switch Each transistor is modeled as a voltage-controlled switch. Useful for initializing or determining the functionality of the network. linear Each transistor is modeled as a resistor in series with a voltage-controlled switch; each node has a capacitance. Node values and transition times are computed from the resulting RC network, using Chorng-Yeoung Chu’s model. Chris Terman’s original model is not supported any more. If the -s switch is specified, 2 or more transistors of the same type connected in series, with no other connections to their common source/drain will be stacked into a compound transistor with multiple gates. The prm_file is the electrical parameters file that configure the devices to be simulated. It defines the capacitance of the various layers, transistor resistances, threshold voltages, etc. .. (see presim(1)). If prm_file does not specify an absolute path then IRSIM will search for the prm_file as follows (in that order): 1) ./<prm_file> (in the current directory). 2) ~cad/lib/ <prm_file> 3) ~/cad/lib/ <prm_file> .prm If ~cad/ does not exist, IRSIM will try to use directory /projects/cad . The default search directory (~cad) can be overriden by setting the environment variable CAD_HOME to the appropriate directory prior to running IRSIM (i.e. setenv CAD_HOME /usr/beta/mycad). IRSIM first processes the files named on the command line, then (assuming the exit command has not been processed) accepts commands from the user, executing each command before reading the next. File names NOT beginning with a ’-’ are assumed to be sim files (see sim(5)), note that this version does not require to run the sim files through presim. These files are read and added to the network database. There is only a single name space for nodes, so references to node "A" in different network files all refer to the same node. While this feature allows one to modularize a large circuit into several network files, care must be taken to ensure that no unwanted node merges happen due to an unfortunate clash in names. File names prefaced with a ’-’ are assumed to be command files: text files which contain command lines to be processed in the normal fashion. These files are processed line by line; when an end-of-file is encountered, processing continues with the next file. After all the command files have been processed, and if an "exit" command has not terminated the simulation run, IRSIM will accept further commands from the user, prompting for each one like so: irsim> The hist_file is the name of a file created with the dumph command (see below). If it is present, IRSIM will initilize the network to the state saved in that file. This file is different from the ones created with the ">"
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man_irsim - IRSIM(1) USER COMMANDS IRSIM(1) NAME irsim An...

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