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27 Notes - *Founder Effect Occurs when remnants of a...

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Anthropology 08/27: Principles of Evolutionary Thought A summary of the evolutionary synthesis (Price 1996:53) Genes o Mutation Recombination o Segregation o Independent Assortment Particular inheritance o No loss of variation from parents to progeny Natural selection o Fittest survive and reproduce Get Alteration in Variation From : *Gene Flow The transfer of genetic material between subpopulations or groups * Genetic Drift Random (chance) Fluctuations of Allele Frequencies due to Small Population Size ( Has the effect of increasing variation between populations
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Unformatted text preview: ) *Founder Effect Occurs when remnants of a population are separated from the parent population and a random assortment of alleles establishes a new population (Special Instance of Genetic Drift) How does Natural Selection Impact Variation? Favors Specific Traits Example 1: Peppered Moth o Prior to industrial revolution, 1% of moths dark colored o In the century following industrial revolution, 90% dark colored....
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