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148-exam 2 review-2 - ANTH 148 HUMAN ORIGINS REVIEW FOR...

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ANTH 148- HUMAN ORIGINS: REVIEW FOR EXAM 2 I. Primates A) What distinguishes primates from other mammal orders? The lesser lines on smell, nails instead of claws, fingers/toes/tails (can grab things) B) Understand the family tree of primates. ( DO AS AN EXERCISE ) What are the differences between haplorhines and strepsirhines, with examples of each? Strepshrhines – A Lemur, Aye, aye, Lorises have unfused mamorable Haplorhines – boney eye sockets, hairy nose, lack of light-reflecting layer in retina, etc. Hauler monkey What are the differences between New World monkeys and Old World monkeys? New World Monkeys have Prehensive tails, old world monkeys DO NOT. New World monkeys are in new world, old world are spread all over the place. C) How do apes differ from monkeys? No tail on an ape, monkeys have generally same length limbs, chimpanzee has tiny legs and arms are very long. Dentition Monkeys have 2 ridges What are the characteristics of the different apes? How are they related? Where do they live? D) How are humans different from the other apes? Less body hair, bipedal, walk upright, have bigger brain, big toe that allows us to walk upright and balance. Less chain muscles , we have smaller K9’s. Human babies are born 6 months earlier Terms: haplorhine, strepsirhine, prosimian, anthropoid, tarsier, lemur, II. Primate Morphology A) Cranium: What is suggested by the head size, position and structure of eye orbits, and nose of different primates? Position and structure of eye orbits
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148-exam 2 review-2 - ANTH 148 HUMAN ORIGINS REVIEW FOR...

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