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FilmAna Can Chimps Talk - Brendan Kaminsky Anth148 Film...

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Brendan Kaminsky Anth148 PID: 714276827 Film Analysis: Can Chimps Talk? The film Can Chimps Talk deals with examining whether or not chimpanzees and various primates can effectively communicate with humans and speak. Throughout the film, many different devices are used with chimps, to see if they can effectively use the devices to indicate understanding of human language. For example, the film begins with a chimp on a talking keyboard to have a conversation with a woman on a phone. The talking keyboard is helping the chimpanzee communicate a future event, and in this case, was whether the chimp wanted M&M’s or cookies. Project Nim at Columbia University was to see whether chimpanzees could form a sentence. It was concluded that chimps can only imitate others and are unable to produce their own language. However, the abilities of Kanzi, the rare bonobo shown throughout the film, force scientists to reexamine this. The way that Kanzi and other chimpanzees perform in these tests is astonishing and gives reason to believe that chimpanzees are capable of forming language. The Gardners at University of Nevada
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FilmAna Can Chimps Talk - Brendan Kaminsky Anth148 Film...

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