HumanOriginsFilm2 - o fictional video of "Film:...

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o fictional video of “Lucy” and others walking around the fields. Film: “In search of human origins 2” Looks at issues of how people made living in ‘Human story begins in “great rift valley of Africa” Closest relatives – African Apes Earliest human fossils found in Africa o Human remains incredibly rare to find Local people are nomadic - How earliest ancestors preserved? o Died a natural death – sediments would cover her bones, preserving them for many years (she drowned in water) o Remained there for millions of years o Can discover great deal of our ancestors world by looking at animals whom lived with them Collected over 10,000 specimens from thousands of different species in Africa Keeping track of the animals lets them map out the habitat awhile ago o They can tell the rift valley was wet and forested because of keeping track of animals Lives of today’s chimpanzees indicated close kinship with humans o Earliest ancestor must have been part ape/part human
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HumanOriginsFilm2 - o fictional video of "Film:...

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