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Monkey Movie Notes

Monkey Movie Notes - -have social groups like humans and...

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Monkey Movie Notes—9/17/08 -has hands like a human that can grip branches, forward facing eyes focus together so it can judge distance -looks similar to a cat, but is a primitive primate -long hind legs enable them to jump well from tree to tree and cause them to walk on two legs -there are 20 kinds of lemurs on Madagascar which survived when it broke off from Africa -howlers (south American mokeys) and other primates have discovered that sound is the best way to communicate -some have adapted a tail that can grasp trees -Japanese mccack has adapted to live in cold climates…snow -some have discovered volcanic springs to get relief from snow and blizzards -must come out to find food which is cold even thought hey have thick fur - apes have lost tails altogether b/c they don’t need them…have strong upper body strength -some grow so big that they have to resort to traveling on the ground -gorillas see the world amazingly similar to humans
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Unformatted text preview: -have social groups, like humans, and males use strength to protect the family-gorillas have unique finger prints just like humans-chimpanzees eat a variety of foods, unlike the gorillas-their feet are almost as dexterous as their hands-live in groups of up to 50 and mothers and children have strong relationships, skills of motherhood are learned-friendships are made through grooming baby chimps are cleaned by mother, dominant chimps accept it as tributes from others-chimps recognize one another by sight, have different and recognizable faces like humans-have sensitive vocabularies of sound General Primate Notes-developed, binocular vision is extremely important feature-decreased reliance on smell, no rhinarium-no claws (on most), nails though-extensive thumb and big toe opposability-increased parental care, more gestation and longer maturation period...
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