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ENNEC 100-Introduction to Energy and Earth Science Economics Spring 2009, TTh 1:00-2:15, 160 Willard Instructor: Professor Andrew Kleit, 507 Walker, 5-0711, [email protected], Office hours: TTh: 2:30-3:30. Teaching Assistant: Brittany Smith, 123 Hosler, 610-331-0831, [email protected] , Office Hours: MW: 4:00-5:00. Format: This class introduces the economic method of analysis to the environmental and resource questions facing society. It introduces a “paradigm,” a way of thinking, that has four elements: 1) what advantages can be gained by using market forces?; 2) what are the drawbacks of the market (“market failures”) that may lead to a rationale for government intervention?; 3) what are the drawbacks of using government intervention (“government failure”)?; 4) How to apply these three concepts to real-world situations. The material will be presented through lectures and classroom experiments. A reading packet will be available in the bookstore. Examples of the experiments are in the reading packet. Quizzes and exams are based on problem solving and analysis of relevant economic questions. This implies you will have to explain your answers and show your work to gain proper credit. This class is the first class in the major in Energy, Business, and Finance (EBF), the minor in Global Business Strategies, and a General Education elective. You should be aware that this is a more challenging class than most of the general education courses offered by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. More precisely, it is designed to determine how well students will do in the EBF major. Some notes: Please contact me using regular email, not ANGEL. I do not read my ANGEL mail regularly. Also, while I am always happy to chat with you, be warned that speaking to me the day of a quiz or exam is unlikely to help you on the quiz or exam. This stuff takes a while to sink in. (This also implies it is not too helpful to “cram” for exams here.) For advice on how to study for exams and quizzes in this class, I recommend reviewing a
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This note was uploaded on 09/09/2009 for the course ENNEC 100 taught by Professor Blumsack,sethada during the Spring '08 term at Penn State.

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syllabus.s09 - ENNEC 100-Introduction to Energy and Earth...

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