ENNEC_100_F09_HW1 - ENNEC 100, Fall 2009 Homework #1 Date...

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1 ENNEC 100, Fall 2009 Homework #1 Date Handed Out: Monday, August 31 Date Due: Beginning of Class, Wednesday, September 9 Instructions: Please answer all questions clearly and completely. Remember, the point is to demonstrate that you understand the material and concepts, not just to get the right answer. Graphs or tables that are not clear to the grader will be ignored, with appropriate points taken off your grade. If a question requires you to make calculations, you must show your work. If the grader does not understand how you arrived at your answer, an appropriate number of points will be taken off your grade. Your answers to the questions must be typed and printed in black ink. Graphs must also be computer-generated, using Excel or a similar data analysis program. Your homework assignment must be stapled together; lack of a staple will incur a tax of 10 points. Questions 1 and 2 are based on the results of the experiment. Question 1 is not really a question; your score is based on your performance during the experiment. More “happiness” obtained during the experiment means more points. Question 1 (10 points) : To answer this question, you need to return all of your trading record sheets and your American/Mexican economy score sheets. You will receive between 1 and 10 points on this question based on how much “happiness” you obtained during the course of the
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This note was uploaded on 09/09/2009 for the course ENNEC 100 taught by Professor Blumsack,sethada during the Fall '08 term at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.

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ENNEC_100_F09_HW1 - ENNEC 100, Fall 2009 Homework #1 Date...

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