The Road to Revolution

The Road to Revolution - The Road to Revolution 1763-1775 I...

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The Road to Revolution; 1763-1775 I. Seven Year’s War 1. Why it starts? (French Indian war) One of the wars that is every 10-15 years Most Stared over European concerns Different war French have colonies in Louisiana and Canada and start to move into Ohio Valley Colony of Virginia first to respond Sends young George Washington as head of militia into frontier to tell French to get out Not successful Has a few battles Wins the first skirmish French officer trying to surrender is killed with tomahawk by an Indian 2 nd he makes some stupid decisions and led to his defeat They were going to make him to sign a surrender document in French Document said he was the one that killed the French officer French used to declare war on Britain 2. The War First couple years French had success Halfway through Britain gets new Prime Minister William Pitt Said tired of dealing with French he wants to turn war into a war to end the French Devotes all resources to this war and it works Beat French so bad completely driven out of North America as a result of the seven years war
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Spain gets the Louisiana England gets Canada 3. King George III Love, devotion, and praise given to the King instead of Pitt Was a different King from his father and grandfather Deicide that letting the parliament run the country was bad Wanted to take back the Kingships power Gets his people elected to Parliament Can now use the way he wants it to 4. Major Problems His admin and people have some major problems to deal with that are a direct result from this war. Thousands of people that hate each other that live there 1. How do we keep these people from fighting? 2. Nation now in huge debt The way they go about trying to solve this problems causes a problems II. Grenville’s Policies 1. Proclamation Line (1763) Take a map of America down Appalachian Mountain chain from Maine to Florida and proclaim that colonies can’t go across that line Stations troops on the border Americans have to pay for troops stationed on that line Americans upset that they can expand
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The Road to Revolution - The Road to Revolution 1763-1775 I...

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