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The Old Colonial System

The Old Colonial System - The Old Colonial System-1607-1763...

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The Old Colonial System-1607-1763 I. Mercantilism 1. What is it? Government tries to discourage competition between businesses and want high prices because generates high revenue in turn creating more power for the Government 2. Related to the Colonies Never want colonies to source of completion to manufacturing Just want them to produce raw materials Then send raw materials to manufacturers Then colonies buy goods 3. Navigation Acts Enforcing mercantilism through a series of laws Mandate all ships going to and from the colonies must be English ships Allows them to control import export Ensures that colonies are only buying British goods All crews on these ships must be British Citizens Want all money and jobs to stay in a Empire All trade must go through Britain first 4. Industrial Acts All enforced Mercantilism Some colonies are beginning to manufactured goods Only can sell Manufactured goods within colonies- ex. Hat act, Iron Act 5. Very Restrictive Collectively the Industrial and Navigation Act are very restrictive on economic success II. Why don’t they complain?
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1. Cultural Loyalty Reasons not to Complain (1) English colonies have strong cultural loyalty to Gov.
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