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Test 1 Study Sheet I. European Exploration and Colonization 1. How did the "first Americans" get here and what accounts for the diversity of their cultures? Came across the land bridge, different geographical locations accounted for their diversity in culture 2. How and why did Native-American concepts of land usage differ from that of Europeans? Native Americans didn’t believe that land belonged to one person but to the whole tribe, belived that gods were in everything on earth, and could be punished by the gods with droughts, tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes. Europeans believed that God created land for man, and that he could own it and use it to prosper. 3. What things helped to motivate Europeans to seek and discover a world outside of their own? Failure of the crusades and desire to keep Islamic beliefs from spreading, National Competition, Technical Advances, desire for a new trade route for spice trade 4. What were the motivations that first brought European explorers to the New World? Gold, riches, the fountain of youth, new trade route 5. What were they looking for? Gold , Riches, Trade route 6. Which nations had the most success in creating a profitable New World empire prior to the 1600s? Spain 7. How and why? They were pushed by Portugal’s success in trade, needed a new trade route, many explorers from Spain claimed lands for the country and brought back wealth 8. Understand England's failures in trying to get into the colony business. Failure of Roanoke, battles with Spain 9. In regards to colonization, what did Spain, France, and England each have at the start of the 1600s? a colony in the New World II. Jamestown and Massachusetts: the Model Colonies 1. Why did James I grant a charter to the Virginia company? He wanted to establish a colony because Queen Elizabeth’s colonial attempts failed 2. Where did they settle and why? East Coast of Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay on James Island 3. Explain the reasons for the hardships they encountered. 50% of the Men were Gentleman who had never done real work, only worked 4 hours a day, James River had stagnant water which was a breeding ground for mosquitoes and disease, hard winters with little food
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4. What things happened that changed the fortunes of the colony? Cross paths with 2 supply ships which was Highly unlikely Fate intervenes ships share supplies The ships turn around and go back to eat Brought in new leader Sir Thomas Dale He came to conclusion that he needed to turn this into military operation with structured day with military discipline 5. What crop did they find that would be profitable, and how did that crop shape their settlement patterns and society (tobacco culture)? Tobacco, had less concern for religion, people were spread out , families often broken or non existent 6. Why did the Virginia Company collapse, and in what ways was the colony of Virginia a model colony for the other southern colonies? It depended solely of tobacco exported tobacco
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Test 1 Study Sheet - Test 1 Study Sheet I European...

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