High Hopes in a New Land

High Hopes in a New Land - High Hopes in a New Land; The...

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High Hopes in a New Land; The Other Colonies I. Maryland 1. Lord Baltimore Est. Mary Land Cecil Calvert Was a Catholic Goes to King James and ask to start Catholic Colony to start colony to be a haven to English Catholic being persucuted 2. The Plan Didn’t want MD to have same problems as Virginia So divide lands into huge land plots to Wealthy Small plots for people who were non gentry So that gentry we maintain control 3. The Reality Have hard time for people to come 4. Tobacco Culture Start tobacco because of the same climate as Virginia Revert to Headright system to get people to come Colony begins to fill up with Protestants Land soon is divided more and given to Protestants and they soon begin to dominate Legislature Soon becomes replica of Virginia Tobacco Culture 5. Royal Colony Turn charter back over to crown to become Royal Colony People had specific vision but it failed II. Carolina 1. Restoration
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Started after king Charles II put back into Monarchy Owes many favors esp. to 8 people Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper 2. The Plan Wanted to create a revolution proof colony They believe that it can be done by having a written constitution Laws for Government England has one but it is not written but based on tradition They argue that tradition can change into ways that people don’t like Everyone who comes to colony will know how it works
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High Hopes in a New Land - High Hopes in a New Land; The...

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