European Exploration and Colonization

European Exploration and Colonization - European...

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European Exploration and Colonization I. The First “Americans”-not a from Europeans 1. Who are They? Calling them American is difficult Didn’t call themselves Americans So diverse for example: culture, religion, etc Native American was not these people original origination 2. Land bridge Came across the land bridge because there was more water in the polar ice caps which meant that the sea level was lower Came during ice age which ended water rose 3. Cultures Geography defined way culture developed 1.Aztecs, Mayans, Incas big 3 in Central America 2. Irrigation in desert by natives 3. Natives on plains followed food source 4. Eastern Woodlands Tribes Natives from Atlantic to Mississippi River Grow crops and live in villages 5. Harmony? Hollywood: Lived in harmony with land, people, etc. (for the most part this is untrue) Natives didn’t believe in private land ownership but tribes could 1. Natives always trying to expand, constantly fighting
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European Exploration and Colonization - European...

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