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Why no Reconciliation

Why no Reconciliation - Why no Reconciliation I Combat...

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Why no Reconciliation? I. Combat Continues 1. Lexington and Concord Were not fighting for independence Governor of Mass. Got word that the colonists were gather weapons He believed they were going to try to reopen the port of Boston The British met troops at Lexington were intial conflict began Troops pushed through to Concord Had to Cross a bride into Concord made them an easy target Americans forced them back all the way to Boston all the while shooting at them as they ran 2. Word spreads Committees of correspondence spread the news Enraged Americans because they had the right to bear arms 3. Arrival of aid to Boston Aid arrives through militia units from many colonies Help is even coming from southern colonies in the form of food, money, and encouragement Has uniting affect 4. Fort Ticonderoga Fight continued at the Fort Ticonderoga Fear that may British will send more troops there from the North Green Mountain Led by Ethan Allen head to the Fort Soldiers weren’t expecting anything and were woken up by the Americans Fort was taken without a problem 5. Bunker Hill
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Dorchester Heights, Bunker, and Breets Hill Key was taken the hills so they could fire into the city British landed at Breets hill met by Militia Militia is very poorly trained being faced against World’s Superpowers army Commander of the American Quote “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” because they had bad aim and guns where incredibly inaccurate First charge is repulsed by Americans but is to be expected because the British are charging the Front Second time results in the same Third time the Americans run out of ammo so they run British take Breets hill then Bunker Hill Inflicted about 50% casualties on British *very Important 6. The Impact British are gona make sure they have a plan before they attack They don’t attack during a full year Americans are trained during this year Kills the whole reconciliation deal with Britain King is getting angry II.
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