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The Inner Revolution

The Inner Revolution - The Inner Revolution How did it...

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The Inner Revolution; How did it Change Lives? I. White Male Landholders 1. What type of Government? 4 options that have had success The first 2 Monarchy and Aristocracy are rejected 3 rd had limited success and only worked for 200 years in isolated world of Greece is Democracy and then it ultimately failed This is rejected because democracy in its purest form is unworkable 4 th form of Representative Democracy (Republic) which had failed had worked for 250 years in Rome The Americans choose the Republic 2. Why do they think it can work? Founding Fathers studied Ancient Rome failure of Republic Reasons for Choosing Republic and Why it will work (A) 1. Rome failed because it was only a Republic in theory because seats were passed from generation to generation We won’t have problem because your position will be based on merit (B) Huge gap between rich and Poor Americans are that we won’t have gap because we have availability of land (C) Rome had a lot of religions but there was no religion that they embraced that cause them to please their God by being good to fellow man and this made a society that was very selfish morally bankrupt society but Americans say they have religion that does Christianity and people will be a morally virtuous people 3. Why have written constitutions? The English Gov. has one Goes back to SC sets limitations on what government is suppose to be and not suppose to be or what to do and not to do
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If the Gov. is abusing or not doing we can get rid of them 4. The Process Varies from state to state In Mass. Model was set for most states Steps (A) Hold an election for representatives to go to state constitutional convention (B) Representatives will draw it out and debate issues about it (C) Send it back to the people to be ratified This was incredibly radical and had not been done anywhere else in the world White male land holders defining what Government does 5.
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