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Jeffersonian Republicans vs The Federalist Party

Jeffersonian Republicans vs The Federalist Party -...

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Jeffersonian Republicans vs. The Federalist (*Warning not the same as federalists and Anti Federalist before the Ratification of the Constitution*) I. Development of Parties 1. Fear of Parties Founding fathers feared political parties Believed to be the bain of government and to do what was in the best interest of the party Had a model of English Parties Founding Fathers wanted to make sure everything was for the best interest of the country 2. Human Nature Just human nature that people will do things for the benefit themselves 3. Different Visions for the Future Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had different visions Jefferson (1) Must stay a morally virtuous people (2) Best way to accomplish this is if we remain a nation of small farmers (3) If we are do these the republic will survive (4) Argues that the National Government should support farmers (5) We will get all goods like the south by exporting and importing goods (6) Very Southern Vision (7) Idealistic Alexander Hamilton’s View (1) Says this is crazy because that ties our economy to other countries (2) Wants our economy to be independent and the rest of the world become dependent on us (3) Should do both manufacturing and farming (4) Gov. should support Manufacturers
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(5) Realistic These fundamental differences will cause parties 4. Ideas on Pomp and Ceremony Different ideas on what this is People like Thomas Jefferson said no that’s exalting the wrong people and should be giving affection to small farmers 5. Hamilton’s Financial Plan Was very controversial Not in constitution Hamilton was able to get the across by using the Necessary and Proper clause Problem: Who says what is necessary and proper?
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