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Jefferson and the War of 1812

Jefferson and the War of 1812 - Jefferson and the War of...

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Jefferson and the War of 1812 I. Republicans in Control 1. Popular policies Passed a lot of things which was incredibly popular and overturned the federalists parties agenda Got rid of national bank Pay off national debt Cut taxes esp. tax on whiskey Reduced the size of the National Government How? (1) By cutting the military size (2) Cut the number of ambassadors (Foreign Diplomats) (3) Cut back on amount of judges (not Supreme Court Judges) 2. What’s with the judges? More than just trying to lower the debt Judges appointed for life so Jefferson is trying to get rid of Judges who were appointed by Washington and Adams for holding dangerous opinions ( Federalists opinions ) and was a violation of freedom of speech Jefferson was willing to say one thing but when he got in power he did the opposite 3. Louisiana Purchase How? (1) Got it from Napoleon from France for $15 million (2) Fit Jefferson’s vision of small farms Constitutional? (1) Interprets the constitution differently and contradicts himself by buying Louisiana
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4. Lewis and Clark The expedition (1) Discover and make treaties with Indians (2) Meant to be a scientific expedition (3)
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