Southern Slavery

Southern Slavery - Southern Slavery Who had the Power I...

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Southern Slavery; Who had the Power I. Slaves As Controlled 1. Slave masters Numbers (1) Only about 25% of white southerners owned slaves (2) Very misleading because everyone benefits from slaves because of slave holding families (3) Misleading that in order to get elected to public office had to have a lot of money which usually meant they had slaves Paternal (1) Father like slave holders, view relationship as father to children (2) Slaves owe labor in return for being taken care of (3) Slaves allow their masters to believe that they are one happy family (4) Usually the slave masters were less harsh and kinder to their slaves (5) Not the majority of slave holders (6) Most of the paternal were people who had accumulated wealth long ago Deep south (1) Most people moving to Deep South to grow cotton (2) Owe nothing to slaves but to work them hard and get rich no obligations to treat them like children 2. The Work Children (1) From very early age they learn that they are here to do work and serve the master (2) Feeding chicken, fanning the master doing little things so that they no their existence is to serve (3) When they came about 9 or 10 they became field hands in the cotton fields Most antebellum slaves were field hands (1) 2 different labor types (a) Task system (i) Overseer will list out how much work he wants done for the day (ii) Once those task are done then the slaves have time to themselves (iii)Most say this is the most effective (b) Gang system (i) No set task for the day (ii) Work from sun up to sun down (iii)And in harvesting season sometimes work at night (iv) Need someone to oversee them and break them into gangs of 5-10 slaves being watched by an overseer (c) Of these two types the paternalists used the task system (d) The Deep south slave holders used the gang labor system and force harsh work on them House Servants (1) Cooks, butlers, hand maidens (2) Had nicer clothing, got to work inside out of the heat
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(3) With their master all day long playing the “game” of liking them all day long (4) Probably most bitter and hostile about institution of slavery Skilled Slaves (1) Needed to be able to make everything the plantation needed (2) Coopering, carpentry, blacksmithing, etc (3) Skilled slaves were more expensive and were treated better by better clothing
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Southern Slavery - Southern Slavery Who had the Power I...

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