From Limited to Total War

From Limited to Total War - From Limited to Total War I....

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From Limited to Total War I. Why? 1. Limited war. What? Why? When the civil war began the North wanted to fight the war in the way that it wouldn’t destroy the South, i.e. not private property, economy, industry Under misguided notion that most southerners don’t support the Confederacy North just fight their armies in the beginning 2. Lee’s Success Lee was not commander of all confederate armies, he just commanded the army of northern Virginia The capital which was in Richmond, Virginia, was a prime target of the North Lee refuted almost every attack and the opposing general was fired by Lincoln The more that Lee keeps beating them the more people the North gets frustrated and start to call for something more destructive 3. South’s Treatment of Unionists The south is going try to force these unionists to fight for the confederacy by terrorizing them and their property North sees this and thinks that they shouldn’t respect the South property 4. Logistics Logistics- everything involved with keeping an army up in the field, supplies, etc South begin to attack supply lines, Northern military commanders come to the conclusion that these supply aren’t needed and they can live land that their invading which involves taking their private property 5. Slavery
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CSA. Labor impressments (1) The confederate government took slaves and had them build fortifications and dig trenches and works incredibly well (2) North sees this and is frustrated
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From Limited to Total War - From Limited to Total War I....

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