Populism - Populism; Ending the "Gilded Age" I. Preludes 1....

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Populism; Ending the “Gilded Age” I. Preludes 1. Farmer’s Alliance The grange morphed into farmer’s alliance as a political movement to put pressure on politicians 2. Platform Believed that we should have a graduated income tax, want this because they believe that it is not fair for the poor farmer to have pay the same as robber barons Pushing for federal control of railroads, because they are charging high rates Biggest idea was the sub treasury plan (1) Wanted federal Gov. to give them low interest loans and allow them to put their crops up as collateral rather than their farms 3. 1890 elections In the 1890 political election the farmers alliance fields a bunch of states and win control in many of the western states 4. The problem Same problem with the grange because representatives in west aren’t enough to get things done in the national government because of small population II. Populist Party 1. Motto Farmers alliance see this and tries to create a political party that will bring in people other than western states throughout the country Motto: “Wealth belongs to him who creates it” 2. Platform Carried some of the ideas as farmers alliance (railroads, sub-treasury, graduated income tax, etc)
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Expand the platform to include bi metal issue( backing money with gold and silver) Always have at least $50 per person in circulation at any given time to help economy Direct election of senators by people(original constitution allowed
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Populism - Populism; Ending the "Gilded Age" I. Preludes 1....

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