Opening a Frontier

Opening a Frontier - Opening a Frontier/Destroying a...

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Opening a Frontier/Destroying a Culture I. Horse Culture 1. Reliance on Buffalo Natives that were living on the great plains are reliant on buffalo for just about every aspect of their culture: Clothing, food, housing, weapons, tools, and energy(dung chips) 2. Great Riders Depend on tracking the buffalo over the great plains which makes them exceptional horse riders Played games like throw them off the horse to make them better riders 3. Warrior Culture Well before Americans came to the great plains Indians were at war which other because they were trying to expand their hunting grounds These wars take place on horseback Played taking coo which helped them learn to use weapons on horseback 4. Typical life Life varied from tribe to tribe and people to people The Cheyenne was a common society (1) In their culture when a baby cries they will take it outside the camp and leave it and let it cry until it stops crying (2) boys (a) Trying to teach people from infancy to not be dependent on others (b) When you hit 10 or 11 boys and girls are separated from each other (c) Do this so that no gender confusion takes place (d) The boys play war games and go on hunts and later war paths (e) Proved you could take on responsibility as a man when they killed a buffalo
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(3) Girls (a) Make food and learning other domestic skills (b) Girls comes to womanhood when girl has her first period (4) Courting (a) No verbal contact while courting (b) Boy demonstrates to her that he can provide the role of a man by showing her kills of buffalo or men also provides her food (c) If she is receptive she will cook the food and make a robe for him which shows her ability to take care of her family 5. Communal concept The native Americans believed that individuals can’t own land, but they do believe that their people and community could own land collectively Because of this concept they thought it necessary to attack anyone in the other tribes land because their tribe as a whole owned the land II. War 1. Railroad treaties Most Indian tribes had entered into railroad treaties between them and the railroad companies Companies said they were just bringing people across the land to other land Many tribes entered into these treaties and viewed it as treaties with white
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Opening a Frontier - Opening a Frontier/Destroying a...

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