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Industrialization - Industrialization Who is Getting...

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Industrialization; Who is Getting Crushed? I. Causes 1. Railroads Amount of track booms (1) Way more track being put down than ever before (2) In 1865 at the end of the civil war about 35,000 miles of track across the country (3) In 1900 at the end of the gilded age there was close to 200,000 miles of track that crossed the country Government aid (1) Government helps by giving huge grants of land to encourage railroad companies to build these lines (2) Also encouraged the build of a transcontinental railroad which made it possible to travel from sea to sea Central and Union Pacific (1) The government gave huge loans and land to these two railroad companies to build this railroad (2) Union Pacific from the east to the west and the Central from the West to the East (a) Union Pacific had it easier but still not without problems (b) Used Irish labors (3) Central Pacific (a) Had to go through the mountains (b) Used Chinese laborers Promontory Point (1) The companies met up in Promontory Point, Utah (2) Government and companies decide to make this into a big deal because it would impact the nation in many ways
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Tech Advances (1) Railroad companies came up with uniform gauges for the track (2) Better brakes which helped them stop closer to the town and speeds the system up (3) Came up with better couplers which held the cars together and held more weight (4) The most important advance was the time zones which allowed for better keeping of time (a) Many people were upset because they felt like business was taking
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Industrialization - Industrialization Who is Getting...

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