Gilded Age Politics

Gilded Age Politics - Gilded Age Politics I What is it...

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Gilded Age Politics I. What is it? 1. “Gilded Age” America from about 1870-1900 Phrase coined by Mark Twain who said this period was marked by guilt(corruptness), gold, and guilds meaning monopolies 2. Dud presidents Presidents who were less than mediocre General Ulysses S. Grant Rutherford B. Hayes James Garfield Chester A. Arthur Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison 3. The parties The Republicans (1) Touted themselves as the party that won the war and saved the Union (2) Do what is referred to as “Waving the Bloody Shirt” (3) Very strong among former union soldiers and in the North East, Midwest, and African Americans The Democrats (1) Strong among white southern, so called border states, and the Irish in Northeastern cities Not that much that divides the two parties on political issues Twain coined the phrase mudslinging because politicians based things on personal issues in elections
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4. Spoils system Government jobs being given to people who were often times unqualified who had helped the current President or politicians get elected II. Grants Years 1. Why he is chosen He was most popular person of the time and he had no political experience 2. Corruption Because of his inexperience Grant’s administration is famous for corruption He has no idea and the only thing he did effectively was make war 3. War on the Klan Grant ran the Klan underground 4. Narrow victory in 1872 He just barely won re-election Which started a shift of the direction the political party and the end of African American Commitment Doesn’t run again III. Compromise of 1877 1. 1876 Election Results Tilden won both popular vote and the electoral vote over the republican candidate Rutherford B. Hayes There were several states n which the votes were in debate SC, LA, and FL
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Gilded Age Politics - Gilded Age Politics I What is it...

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