Wilson Progressivism & Women�s Suffrage

Wilson Progressivism & Women�s Suffrage - Wilson...

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I. Splitting the Vote 1. Bull Moose Party Party created by T.R. to focus on progressive agenda The election becomes a fight between T.R. and the democrats 2. Wilson The Democrats decide to challenge Roosevelt by nominating someone who is the complete opposite, Woodrow Wilson, who was a stuffy arrogant individual He was a professor and an intellectual 3. New Nationalism Vs. New Freedom Going into this election their will New nationalism- The Bull Moose Party (1) pushing for cheap interest loans to farmers (2) Pushing for an 8 hour federally mandated workday (3) Pushing for federal workman’s comp. (4) Pushing for child labor laws at a national level (5) Idea that big business wasn’t necessarily bad but just want to regulate it and make sure they aren’t doing things that are unfair New Freedom (Democrats) (1) Have been anti big business since 1896 (2) New freedom was about trust-busting to the point that there is no big business which will lower prices and increase competition Essentially both are progressive agendas 4. Results
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Forming a third party split the anti-democrat vote electing Woodrow Wilson II. Wilson As a Progressive 1.
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Wilson Progressivism & Women�s Suffrage - Wilson...

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