The Splendid Little War

The Splendid Little War - The Splendid Little War I Causes...

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Unformatted text preview: The Splendid Little War I. Causes 1. Immediate causes • Cuban revolts (1) Cuba ,which was a part of the Spanish empire, had a movement in 1868 to break free from Spain (2) Some were against so the army never became very big , so they resorted to guerilla tactics • American investments (1) America has some very heavy financial investment in the sugar markets of the Cuban islands; The sugar trade begins to suffer and is cut in half • Sensationalism (1) In the late 1800’s the newspapers, which had become numerous, began to publish over the top news about what was going on in Cuba • Spanish atrocities (1) News was about the Spanish arresting people, using the re-concentrate up to concentration camps where there were terrible living conditions, torture of people (2) Newspaper editor most famous for this is William Randolph Hurst • American reaction (1) Americans began to put pressure on the government to do something about this situations (2) Theodore Roosevelt, at this time a member of McKinley’s cabinet, wanted the government to do something 2. Secondary Causes • Healing old wounds (1) America had gone through many things in last 40 years that caused strife between different groups of people (2) Election of 1896 farmers vs. big industrialists and workers of the East (3) Civil War which ended in 1865 (4) Wounds from reconstruction because many white southerners viewed it as a time that the government took advantage of them (5) Very strong guilt felt by many Americans across the board about what had been done to Native Americans • Business opposition (1) For the most part big business was against the Cuban rebels (2) Big industry tend to be very opposed to America going to war because of the unknown impact on the economy (3) Most Americans at this point hate big business and industry (4) Theodore Roosevelt really played up this idea • Canal? (1) Talk of building a canal to make it possible to travel from Atlantic to the pacific without going around South America, the best place is in central America (2) Roosevelt told Spanish to stop activities in Cuba because America has a special relationship with Cuba • “special relationship” (1) They are trying to break free from their European Master just like the United States did, and we needed help to get our freedom (2) U.S. is located close to Cuba (3) Felt a sympathy for the Underdog (4) Investments (5) In some ways this goes back to the beginning of Cuba because this is where Columbus landed in 1492 • Cuban demands (1) Cuba began to demand more, Spain began to toy with letting them rule...
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The Splendid Little War - The Splendid Little War I Causes...

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