The Roaring 20s; A Clash of Values

The Roaring 20s; A Clash of Values - The Roaring 20s; A...

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The Roaring 20s; A Clash of Values I. The Scopes Trial 1. The Law and the Arrest The State of TN like many others had passed a law prohibiting the teaching of evolution The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tried to get someone to test the law and John T. Scopes in Dayton, TN did 2. Why Can’t He Teach Evolution? Evolution argues that the creation story is wrong and if that is wrong they the Bible’s morality will be challenged Evolution taught them they evolved from other animals and the thought that if we come from animals why do we act like them 3. The Trial The Prosecution (1) William J. Bryan served as the prosecution (2) All he had to was to prove that scopes violated the Butler Act (3) Bryan made the mistake of opening up the debate to whether the law was right or not (4) He did this to use the trial as a platform to keep their values and not challenging the literal truth of the Bible Defense (1) Clarence Darrow defended Scopes (2) He decided to put Bryan on the stand Bryan on the Stand (1) Darrow got Bryan to admit that the creation in 7 days might not literally be in truth 4. The Verdict Guilty, because there could be no other verdict
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5. What it Demonstrated The most important part is what the trial demonstrated to reach a wide public forum to show modernism vs. traditionalism II. The Klan and Lynching 1. Fundamentalism at the Extreme Youth Culture made some people go to the extreme 2. Other Forces Other things got these extreme fundamentalist stirred up like (1) Immigration (2) situation of communist revolution in Russia
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The Roaring 20s; A Clash of Values - The Roaring 20s; A...

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