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T. R. And the Progressives

T. R. And the Progressives - T R And the Progressives I...

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T. R. And the Progressives I. Muckrakers 1. Who? Journalists at the turn of the century that were focusing in on the negative aspects of American being an industrialized nation like working conditions, wages, living conditions of workers, over crowdedness of cities which led to many other problems that plague cities, created culture in which politicians were controlled by big business Began to publish books, articles, T.R. gave them the name because they were raking up all the muck of America 2. Circulation Wars Inspired by the circulation wars of the news papers Now that the Spanish-American War is over they need to find something new to focus on Used all this to grab people’s attention and sell papers 3. Scientific Journalism This is also the age in which journalists are becoming more scientific in that they apply the scientific method to their profession Going to expose the problems with the hope that it will leads to someone wanting to change it, this inspired them 4. Targets Shining a light on political corruption, like people taking bribes, political bosses, reporting on the working and living conditions, racism and how it holds the south back, scandals in business, manipulation of stocks, bribing, child labor and unsafe conditions Just reporting on all the things that can wrong in an industrial society 5. Impact
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As more Americans read this, more middle class Americans are beginning to care about the problems of the lower class Americans Make everything real and personalizing the stories and makes people care about the problems of the poor Which in turn gives birth to the birth of the Progressive movement II. Rise of the Progressives 1. Middle Class Concerns Had their own concerns about the nation (1) Small business owners are killed by vertical and horizontal integration (2) It is so bad for the poor people in this country that they might start a revolution and who knows what could happen if they don’t address the problems of the poor 2.
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