Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy

Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy - Roosevelts...

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Unformatted text preview: Roosevelts Foreign Policy I. New international Role 1. Results of War The fact that we picked up all these territories made us a player in the pacific and in Asia which was not always honorable 2. Philippine insurrection Help start a revolt against Spain then decide we can leave the philipinos to themselves who felt like they were swapping one master for another Began using concentration camps and torture to fight the guerilla warfare that they are using to fight back 3. An Open Door in China At this time many of the great European powers with great difficulty had convinced the Chinese government to open up trading, each country had an exclusive domain or section to trade in The U.S. wants to end that and allow people to trade freely European countries agree to this because America just dominated Spain in a matter of months an recognize America as a World Power Boxer rebellion (1) Civil war in china (2) Chinese Gov. is now trading with all these countries and some people dont like this and are afraid that European society will infiltrate them and corrupt their society which leads to a rebellion (3) America plays a role that sparks the situation (4) Took part in multinational force that helped the Chinese government put down that force to keep the trade going II. Rise of T.R....
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Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy - Roosevelts...

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