The Early Cold War

The Early Cold War - The Early Cold War; Containing the...

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Unformatted text preview: The Early Cold War; Containing the Soviets I. The End of the War 1. Russia’s main concern • In the last months of the war the U.S. and the Soviet Union cooperated on several things • When Russia was liberating Eastern European countries their main concern was that there never be an invasion from that part of the country again 2. Provisional governments • Began to setup their own provisional government in these liberated countries • At a meeting in Yalta with the Allies the Allies put pressure on Stalin to stop forming these governments • Stalin promised they were just temporary • We agree because we need them to win and to help defeat Japan 3. The U.N. • Agree to create United Nations to help avoid wars like this • The U.S. and the Soviet Union were the strong powers behind it • Decided to get Britain to give up there possessions in the middle east • Israel is formed to give Jews a land to live in which upsets Palestinians because it was their land 4. Nuremberg • The war crimes trials were used to punish the top ranking German officials for their crimes against humanity. They argued they were doing what they were told 22 were punished 12 of which were killed. • Cooperation ended here I I. The Iron Curtain 1. The Big Question • When the war was over the big question remained of what to do with Germany • Most Western European countries wanted to rebuild Germany on Democratic capitalists model • Soviet Union wants to destroy Germany and give them payback. They have a say because they got their first. 2. Dividing up Germany • Britain, France, America, and the S.U. agree to divide France into 4 parts and each of one of these parts will be occupied by one of these countries • Divide Berlin into 4 different sections which lies within the Soviet Zone 3. Puppet Soviet Governments • Meanwhile the Soviet Union is allowing these provisional governments to have elections but these elections are very controlled by the soviet military which created a communist government 4. Containment • The U.S. was aware of this and comes up with the policy of containment • George F. Kennan who was the expert on these governments convinced the Truman administration to contain these governments because it always seeks to spread 5. Greece • Almost immediately after WWII there was a communist’s revolt. Britain was initially in Greece, but by 1947 they were running out of money. Told U.S. if they were serious about containment they could do....
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The Early Cold War - The Early Cold War; Containing the...

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