Liberal Reform and Radicalism in 1960

Liberal Reform and Radicalism in 1960 - Liberal Reform and...

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Unformatted text preview: Liberal Reform and Radicalism in 1960s I. LBJ and Civil Rights 1. Civil Right Act Johnson used JFKs death to make him a martyr for civil rights to get the civil rights bill act passed. Made segregation across the board in public facilities illegal, ended discrimination in hiring practices (in theory for women as well) 2. Freedom Summer Most African Americans in the south were not allowed to vote, this became the new focus. In the summer of 1964 all civil rights people descend on Mississippi to help African Americans get registered to vote. This force of mostly college students encourage the African Americans to act as a community and overcome the fear and vote which will help them to gain an education, pass literacy test, etc. White racists react in a violent manner 3. Increase in violence Many of the Freedom Summer became subject to violence. Sherm, Goodwin, and Cheney were some of the 13 people that were murdered during that summer. 2 were white students. The FBI comes in and finds the killers to be the Philadelphia, Mississippi. The state wouldnt prosecute them, so the federal government could only prosecute them on the civil rights act at the federal level. Medger Evers was murdered and also the 4 girls at the 16 th street Baptists church in Birmingham, were among these deaths 4. Election of 1964 LBJ was running on his own right after serving out JFKs term The Republican Candidate, Barry Goldwater, advocated the use of nuclear weapons by commanders in the field. Daisy Girl, commercial shows destruction of the world Johnson wins by a landslide in 1964 5. Selma A march from Selma to Montgomery with civil rights leaders from all over the country The marchers had to cross the Edmund Pettis Bridge. They then met police who told them to turn around. The marches didnt turn around, so the police used tear gas then beat the marchers with clubs....
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Liberal Reform and Radicalism in 1960 - Liberal Reform and...

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