JFK Cold War & Civil Rights

JFK Cold War & Civil Rights - JFK Cold War Civil...

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I. Election of 1960 1. Nixon Was the vice-president for Eisenhower (gained fame for prosecuting Alger Hiss who was supposed to have given military secrets the soviets) Republican nominee mainly because of his cold war principles. Asked Eisenhower to support him but didn’t endorse him strongly. 2. JFK’s Platform Son of most powerful senator Democratic party chose JFK because he was a war hero who was known for strong cold war stance Gave lip service to the civil rights movement and was a moderate on the situation and didn’t have strong answers (so did Nixon) Not that much that divided the two 3. Catholic Issue JFK religious background becomes the issue because they are the same on all issues because if a catholic became the leader he would be taking his direction from the pope 4. Impact of TV This was the first presidential of election when personal style became an issue Kennedy was young, athletic, stylish, good speaker Nixon who was not good looking, not a good speaker, awkward, didn’t hold same social graces In era of TV these issues become huge deal The Television Debate- JFK was find with makeup, Nixon makeup began to melt because he was sweating so much, meanwhile JFK looks good Radio polls thought Nixon won the debate because he was a better debater
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5. Results 49.7% to 49.5% a difference of about 120,000 votes, incredibly close II. The Cold Warrior 1. Cold War spending Keep money flowing into development of nuclear weapons, but he was a big believer in that the cold war would not be fought out with nuclear weapons because it would be avoided so he would put money into the special forces(father of counter insurgency special forces) Strongly promoted the Peace Corps which brought in supplies for humanitarian need, helps because communism is most appealing in society where there is a large gap between rich and poor, showing what a democracy can do. This is all about containment Money being sent to foreign countries especially in your(extension of Marshall Plan), has no trouble with congress When he came to the White House he pledged that America would put a
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JFK Cold War & Civil Rights - JFK Cold War Civil...

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