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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15 I Who Provides Treatment 1 Clinical...

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Chapter 15 I. Who Provides Treatment? 1. Clinical psychologists 2. Counseling psychologist 3. Psychiatrists 4. Clinical social workers 5. Psychiatric nurses 6. Counselors II. Classic Psychoanalysis Structure and Goals 1. Select high IQ and financially advantaged patients 2. Therapy is 1 hour/day, 6days/wk, 3-4 years 3. Insight, liberate III. Technique I 1. Free association Role of couch Uncensored speech Primary process thought 2. Transference neurosis Analyst remains a blank screen Feelings for patient for parent projected on analyst Resolution resolves childhood conflict 3. Interpretation Analyst speaks little Interpretations offered sparingly Interpretation critical tool: scalpel of the mind
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IV. Technique II 1. Dreams function Protect sleep Manifest content Latent content X-ray into unconscious 2. Dream distoration V. Technique III 1. Resistance Repression Intensification of symptoms Fight into health Intellectual inhibition VI.
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