Industrial%20Discontents - (1890) Lecture Outline: I. The...

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Industrialization’s Discontents Big Questions : Who benefited most from the economic and political system of the Gilded Age? What caused reaction and revolt against the forces of industry and big business in the Gilded Age? In what ways did Americans respond to the overwhelming labor question that arose during this period? Key Terms : Thorstein Veblen Henry George Edward Bellamy Social Darwinism William Graham Sumner George Rice Evangeline Booth Joseph Finnerty Knights of Labor American Labor Federation (AFL) Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Great Railroad Strike (1877) Haymarket Affair (1886) Sherman Antitrust Act
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Unformatted text preview: (1890) Lecture Outline: I. The Underside of Industrialization a. A Redefinition of Freedom b. Industrialization’s Discontents II. Challenging Corporate Greed a. The Story of George Rice b. Small Business’s Adversaries i. Politics ii. The Courts III. Combating Capitalist Excess a. The Story of Evangeline Booth b. Middle-class Reforms in the Gilded Age i. Rescuing Humanity from Despair ii. Rescuing Society from Conspicuous Consumption IV. Changing the Status of Labor a. The Story of Joseph Finnerty b. Working-class Alternatives in the Gilded Age i. The Rise of Unions ii. The Politics of Labor...
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Industrial%20Discontents - (1890) Lecture Outline: I. The...

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