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The Conquest of the West Big Questions : Why did the West capture the imagination of Americans in the Gilded Age? Key Terms : Frederick Jackson Turner Yosemite Act (1864) Pacific Railway Act (1862) The Homestead Act (1862) Battle at Little Bighorn (1876) General George A. Custer Battle at Wounded Knee (1890) Sitting Bull Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Brigham Young Mormonism
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Outline : I. The Frontier Thesis a. Frederick Jackson Turner i. The Frontier Thesis II. The Cultural Appeal of the West a. Capturing the Essence of the West i. The Environment b. Civilizing the West i. The Native American c. Celebrating Rugged Independence i. The Cowboy d. Pioneering Perseverance i. The Independent Farmer e. Creating Utopia i. Mormonism...
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