Populism - i Community not Individualism ii Hardship not...

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Populism Big Questions : How did ideals of the West clash with the realities of the West in late nineteenth-century America? What was the Populists’ vision for American society and why did it have so much appeal? Why did it ultimately fail at the polls in 1896? Key Terms : Patricia Limerick Dawes Act (1887) Wounded Knee (1890) Cyrus McCormick Greenback-Labor Party Eugene V. Debs The Grange The Farmers’ Alliance Tom Watson Mary Elizabeth Lease Peoples Party (Populists) William Jennings Bryan “Free Silver” The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Lecture Outline : I. Frederick Jackson Turner and the Realities of the West a. Patricia Limerick’s “Frontier Thesis”
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Unformatted text preview: i. Community, not Individualism ii. Hardship, not Adventure iii. Exploitation, not Equality II. The Realities of Western Expansion During the Gilded Age a. The Impact on Environment b. The Impact on Native Americans c. The Impact on Cowboys d. The Impact on Farmers e. The Impact on Mormons III. The Politics of Farming a. Organizing Communities i. The Grange ii. The Farmer’s Alliance b. The Populist Revolt i. Farmer-Labor Unity ii. The Crisis of the 1890s 1. Financial Collapse and Depression 2. The Free Silver Issue c. Crusading for Political Change i. Populism’s Last Campaigns IV. The Products of Populism’s Failure...
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Populism - i Community not Individualism ii Hardship not...

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