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Homework09 - the first three years however it will be...

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IE 343A, Fall 2008 Homework #9 (and Practice Problems) Due: Dec 05 (Friday) Homework Problems in 14 th Edition Problems 13 th Edition 9-3 9-3 9-5 n/a 9-9 9-8 9-15 9-12 Practice problems (These are NOT Homework , only for exam preparation) Problems in 14 th Edition Problems 13 th Edition 9-1 9-1 9-8 9-7 9-14 n/a 9-16 9-13 9-5 In a replacement analysis for a vacuum seal on a spacecraft, the following data are known about the challenger: the initial investment is $12,000; there is no annual maintenance cost for
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Unformatted text preview: the first three years, however, it will be $2,000 in each of years four and five, and then $4,500 in the sixth year and increasing by $2,500 each year thereafter. The salvage value is$0 at all times, and MARR is 10% per year. What is the life of the challenger....
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