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BIOM 2101 Physiology, Fall 2009 Take home part of Test I You may NOT work together on these problems. You may use your notes or textbook and a calculator but you may not get any assistance from another person or copy someone else’s work. Show all your work in a neat, organized fashion. 1. The total flux of O 2 across the total surface area of all of the capillary membranes at rest is 4 cm 3 O 2 / sec. If the diffusivity of O 2 is 1.5 x 10 -5 cm 2 fluid/sec and the concentration gradient is -0.6 cm 3 O 2 /(cm 3 fluid x cm fluid), what is the total area of the membrane predicted by Fick's first law of diffusion? (Be careful with your units; physiological gas concentrations are often given in volume of gas dissolved rather than moles.) J = -D A dC/dx Total flux = - diffusivity x area x concentration gradient. Compare this area with something else you are familiar with, e.g. the area of a floor of one room where you live; is the calculated area comparable in size? much smaller? much larger? Is this surprising to you? 2. Let’s derive a concentration profile, C(x), for some substance across a thin lipid bilayer in a steady state. In addition to Fick’s law we used in class, another equation which governs
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2101hw1.f09 - BIOM 2101 Physiology Fall 2009 Take home part...

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