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09�PROJECT-PT - Marketing Investing and financing...

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Econ 118 – Financial Statement Analysis – SS(B)’09 Project Requirements – Part I Scope “Target” public company and another comparable public company Format 81/2 x 11 – typewritten No covers, binders, etc.; staple in upper left hand corner One per group Due Thursday, August 20 – on time – no exceptions Grading Counts 40% of the total project grade; each group member gets the group grade, subject to quarter-end peer evaluations Content Part A – 75 points See pages 10-12 in the text (pages 104-106 in the supplement) for the meaning of the following sectional headings and divide your write-up accordingly, using those subheadings indicated in the text. Be sure to thoroughly answer each question posed in the text. Focus on your target, but also include analysis of the industry and the comparable company. Economic characteristics Demand Supply Manufacturing (production process)
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Investing and financing Strategic analysis Product differentiation versus low-cost leadership Integration within the value chain Geographic diversification Industry diversification Bibliography Annual report and 10-K (most recent calendar or fiscal year) S&P industry and company reports (ask me for them) Financial press (at least two substantive articles from reputable sources) AT A MINIMUM, YOU MUST USE ALL OF THESE SOURCES IN YOUR ANALYSIS; CITE THEM IN THE TEXT OF PART A AND LIST THEM IN THE BIBLIOGRAPHY. Part B – 25 points Prepare common-size and percentage-change balance sheets and income statements for your “target” and comparable companies, together with interpretative comments . Follow the format shown in the sample for The CocaCola Company. Use actual captions from your companies’ audited financial statements....
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