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KO-COMP INCOME-2007-1 - 5,981 OCI adjustments Foreign...

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THE COCA COLA COMPANY PRESENTATION OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME 2007 INCOME STATEMENT p5 RETAINED EARNINGS p8 Beginning 33,468 BS, P6 Net income 5,981 Net income 5,981 Dividends (3,149) Accounting change (65) Ending 36,235 BS, P6 COMPREHENSIVE INCOME p8 Net income
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Unformatted text preview: 5,981 OCI adjustments Foreign currency 1,575 Derivatives (64) Securities 14 AOCI p8 Pension liability 392 Beginning (1,291) BS, P6 1,917 Current adjustments 1,917 Ending 626 BS, P6 Comprehensive income 7,898...
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