January 16 - o Urban Pollution N.Y City in 1900 o 15,000...

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Technology - Def. A system based on the application of knowledge for the attainment of  specific goals o May involve physical objects or organizational forms  o Knowledge: science  creates  it  technology  employs  it  Name coined in 1820’s, Tech = (Greek) craft or skill Exp. Textile Technology & Science - Is technology applied science? o Exp. Pasteurization  - Historically technologies have developed with little scientific input  o Making bronze  Both ask questions? - Science asks: How does nature work? What is true? - Technology asks Will it work? Will it work better?  Does technology improve our lives? What is a technology trap?  - You are worse off than you were before because you becomes dependent on  it and if it fails you are in big trouble  History of the Automobile - Designed to replace the horse 
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Unformatted text preview: o Urban Pollution N.Y. City in 1900 o 15,000 dead horses per year, 60,000 gallons of urine per day, 2.5 million pounds of shit per day-Henry Ford & Model T o Started in 1903 with 12 workers o 1908 New improved model and make this model for 20 years o 1910: started volume (mass0 production at Highland Park Plant near Detroit o 1927: Produced 15 million -Golden Age of the Automobile o 1/5 Americans worked with cars -Hidden Costs of producing and of operating a car o What is the real cost of mining iron & coal to make a car? o What is the real cost of gas? o What is the relationship between technology resource use and pollution? o #1 cause of air pollution, increase of carbon dioxide o Cost of Highways, littering, animal deaths...
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January 16 - o Urban Pollution N.Y City in 1900 o 15,000...

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