February 9 - which layer came first next o Denmark o Became...

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Geology—our place our time Geology - Geo= earth - Ology = study of - Physical Geology – everything else - Historical Geology – History of the earth (when, time, etc.)  Geology and human Affairs - Material Goods  o Each newborn will need 3.6 million pounds of minerals, metals, and  fuels in a lifetime  - Geological disasters - Where we live o Determined by geology  - World history o Ex. Battle of Gettysburg (the location = geology)  o Golden Age of Athens  - Philosophy  o Homer (800 BC)  The Birth of Modern Geology - Pre- 18 th  Century o Q: What is the age of the Earth o A: Several thousand years  - Archbishop Ussher (1581-1656) o Calculated that the world was created on: October 23, 4004 B.C. at 9  AM
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- And then along came: STENO o Father of Stratigraphy: rocks at layers, figure out rules to determine 
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Unformatted text preview: which layer came first next o Denmark o Became a bishop later in life Relative Dating-Steno (Niels Stensen1638-1686) o Wrote the Prodromus Outlined the: Law of superposition + original horizontality + described unconformities Also outlined the: Law of cross-cutting relationships (rocks that cut across)-William Smith (1769- 1839) o English engineer o Develop principle of faunal succession Tell the relative ages of rocks through fossils in the same rock-James Hutton (1776-1797) o Father of geologyUniformitarianism v. Catastrophism The present is the key to the past o Illegitimate son, born in Scotland, left came back, independently wealthy, invented a process welding...
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February 9 - which layer came first next o Denmark o Became...

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