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Mesozoic 248-65 Million Years Ago Age of reptiles (dinosaurs) Triassic – Jurassic – Cretaceous Pangaea breaks apart Rocky Mountains form Mesozoic mass extinction --> KT boundary layer Cenozoic 65 Million Years Ago – Present (tertiary and quaternary) Spectacular development of: - Birds - Flowering Plants - Mammals - Alps & Himalayan Mts. Form - 4 Major Glaciations - We Arrive! 4.4 my – Several hominid Species 3.6 my – Upright Walking (may have occurred 5.8 my ago)
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Unformatted text preview: 2.6 my Oldest tools 2.5 my tool making caught on 1.8 my Homo Erectus (Java and Peking man) 800,000 years Homo Sapiens (wise men) 125,000 years Anatomically Modern A look at Geologic Time JAN 1 Earth Forms 4.6 by ago FEB 19 Oldest Known Rock 3.96 by MAR 4 Earth has an ocean 3.8 by MAR 28 Oldest known fossil 3.5 by NOV 14 Begin Paleognozic...
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