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February 25 -- Review - Test Review Geology Study of Earth...

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Test Review Geology – Study of Earth The Birth of Geology Steno – Father of Stenography Relative Dating A. Steno (Niels Stensen – 1638-1686) B. Wrote the Prodromus William Smith (1769-1839) A. Principle of faunal succession James Hutton (1726-1797) A. Uniformitariansim: “The Present is the key to the Past” Charles Lyell (1797-1875) Wrote: Principles of Geology - The Origin of Species by means of natural selection (1859) Mass Extinctions Paleozoic – 3 End of Paleozoic – 96% Mesozoic – 2 End of Mesozoic – 66% Cenozoic - Quaternity: extinction of mammals Gulf Coast Plains - Borders West gulf - Nearly flat, SW is drier - Underlain by Cenozoic o Salt domes from the Meso-age - Sedimentary: include lignite, iron, uranium North Central - Black soil Paleo rocks: sediments from Ouachata Mts Edwards Plateau: Balcones escarpment North Central – Paleo - Rolling plains Texas Panhandle – Cenozoic
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- High plains, the Llano area o Precambrian underlines Central Mineral Region: have the oldest rocks - Ex. Enchanted Rock State park South High Plains
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