March 18 - o Other 70 is sawdust – etc-FISH 8(5-8 no...

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Chapter 11 Industrial Materials - Non-metallic - Large volume-low value (‘common stuff’) - Usually abundant and widespread - Mostly mined to satisfy local demand o Ex. Crushed rock, building stone, sand and gravel cement Cement - Used by ancient Romans (Coliseum) - Joseph Aspidin (English) – reinvented Porland cememtn in 1824 Asbestos - Brake shoes - Sale (NaCl) - Solar Salt Fertilizer - Manure and wood o Used since prehistoric times - Bones o Applied by English farmers since 1650 - Peruvian Guano  o Exported to Europe since the early 1800’s - Peruvian Nitrate o Exported since the mid 1880’s Fertilizer Composition
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- Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium, - 10-10-10: 10% of the bag is N, K, Phosphate
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Unformatted text preview: o Other 70% is sawdust – etc. -FISH: 8- (5-8) , no potassium-Wood Ash: (2-6) Potassium only Modern Source of Nitrogen-Haber-Bosch process o Haber and Bosch devised a synthesis of ammonia from N2 and H2 that takes place … At low temperatures High pressure Uses a catalyst o Nobel prize in Chemistry Modern Source of Phosphate -Don’t use FISH anymore -Phosphate rock in Florida: in the past when it was underwater, sediment which was Phosphorus rich was laid out and now is mined, Phosphate from marine sedimentary rock Modern Source of POTASH...
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March 18 - o Other 70 is sawdust – etc-FISH 8(5-8 no...

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