CEE460 Exam 1 Solution (Spring 2008)

CEE460 Exam 1 Solution (Spring 2008) - Name: 9"\qJir"1...

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3/11/08 Problen #1 (20 points) The bolled connection configuration shown below is at the end ofa plate tension member (A36). The unfactored tensile loading is: dead load Pp:50 kips, Iive load Pr. = 30 kips, /,/ and wind load Pw:90 kips. -) F., ' 1r, Lr' I PI, lf- /0' Name: 9"\qJir"1 /_'. ^ '\ c.l o.l (\ + P,,, P,., P* ?" -- t,zPo+ osPLr l.LP\i l.z (5rL\ r o.5GoL) 4 t.ta(9rk) 1. Standard bolt 3/4" bolts ,,7 holes for oramgler Llq L a) Compute the factored load, Pu, using the appropriate LRFD load combination and select a plate thickness so that the design strength ofthe plate member, OrPn. is adequate based on the limit states ofyield on the gross area a.nd fracture on the net eff'ective area. Indicate figure where.these limit states arc being checked. When specifying the plate thickness, assume that plate is available in l/8" increments. b) With a sketch, indicate a potcntial block shear ruptue path. Does block sheax rupture appear likely to occur for this member? (No calculations arc required,) r) !,rr/r". ,L?^ -^ o,\ E A. (D.1)(3{" lJt (6') t I ?... zrq k -t-11 I > D.944' .'. .hoocr 1' lo lb- Y'{r<u2 t\ F a"nB +tP* . o.?5F,4L A^- bt - adrt +z$ + zt'i. t ' a (o.zs\ (sv rr; ) ( r o) ( a,:lst) ) y1clJi"1 ."* {wls .Loose /o \--- --:;-l )t = r/6'\ Bgt :,,-q xn$cty $ o.cur b) \"(le+i)r .""* ft"u ",r^^' fF^:,tuw p\a"cl +t ll*n g" y*a 4 -tl.a *".iU' pta*9 \-l tr;t ' .ed,-r C i e **fd? Ds1? { *n +'. .w ) .-'.? B s? w,r,,.l "( br I "q r - o't ,1 1ft, r*ni:,". '--+= r: -1 1, r- \' .r , o \l CEE460 Steel Stuctues I Exam #1
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Name: (oiq+io^ 3/11/08 Problen #2 (25 points) The single angle tension member shown below is subjected
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CEE460 Exam 1 Solution (Spring 2008) - Name: 9"\qJir"1...

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